Local Operations

Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Pte Ltd has a well-structured food and beverages distribution network in Singapore. Our products are marketed in most local supermarkets, provision shops, minimarts, hotels, catering establishments.

A well-equipped manufacturing plant built on 50,000 sq ft of land in Defu Lane, Singapore, allows the distribution of our own house brand products to the service outlets directly through our vast fleet of sales vans/lorries.

Every staff of CKL is expected to maintain the highest standards of service quality both within the company and with the customers. As such, regular meetings and discussions are held to disseminate updated information and to obtain valuable feedback for future improvement.

As part of the Group’s brand strategy to boost brand awareness and sales, aggressive advertising and promotional activities such as media advertisements, trade shows and sponsorships are constantly being undertaken.

Moving forward, we will continue to leverage on R&D programmes, excellent customer services and committed members to grow the Group’s business. We will continually step up efforts to strengthen our operations and distribution network, reinforce our marketing and branding position, and above all, improve market research and product varieties.


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