What’s New at the Chia Khim Lee Group

Year 2004

January Chia Khim Lee Food Industries Pte Ltd launched a series of Sagiko Aloe Vera in three distinctive flavours Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera (Honey), Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera (Peach) and Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera (Natural).
April The group launched another series of Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera in cup form with attached fork. Convenient and easily consumed, it comes in 5 new flavours Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera (Grapes)/(Lychee)/(Honey)/(Peach)/(Natural).
August Announcing the launch of Sagiko (Fuji Apple)/(Black Currant) Juice drink. No sugar added, the drink retains its natural sweetness…simply aromatic and invigorating!
September We have a whole new range of aloe vera pulp can drinks which comes in 6 different types of juices, namely, Sagiko Aloe Vera Pulp in (Orange)/(Lychee)/(Apple)/(Honey)/ (Black Currant)/(Passionfruit) juice.

Past Events

Earlier this year, with the launch of a new series of products, the CKL Group participated in a magazine write up in the “Motherhood”. Readers who presented cut-out coupons from the magazine exchanged for Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera products at all participating outlets.

In addition, commercial advertising on Media Corp and 3 months participation in the PSC variety show helped to create public awareness for our new products – the Sagiko Pure Aloe Vera.

Also in April 2004, we participated in the FHA 2004, which was held from 20-30 April at the Singapore Expo.

Last but not least, we participated in the Food World 2004, which was held from 25-29 August at Kenya.

Next, we also participated in the Food & Hotel China 2004, which was held from 14-17 September 2004 at Shanghai.

Finally, we participated in the IFE India 2004, which was held from 15-17 December at New Delhi.




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